Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Slight Problem!

Once we had captured our film and put it onto the computer for editing, it became apparent that i had absolutely  no sound what so ever... this was a big problem for us, as the use of sound was worth alot of marks and it was needed to complete the convention of any film!.. let alone a Thriller.

So to fix the problem i head back out the next week to re-visit the family to record sounds...
 My mum drove me down there one night after school and it only took about 1h30m, and as i had a schedule i new exactly what i had to do. But i didnt write down any of the sound durations so i was treding a fine line when i had to ask my actors to repeat what they remembered saying the week before.

Lucky when i downoaded the sound to our movie the next day everything was fine-They had repeated sounds in the same way as i had asked them the first time, because that was their normal way :)

phew, panic over!
Now we just needed to add in the extra sounds of the sea and sea-guls which we had taken from Freesound, and FreeSFX.

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