Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Filming Day

Unfortunatly Lauren was unable to make the filming date after it had been set, so i had to go solo! However the weather was a perfect sunday, and i had great cooperation from my family. My uncle had some walkie-talkies too, so that really helped in terms of communication when he was half way down the road!

We did the first bit of filming at the house and Philip contributed some good idea's about possible shots and angles that we could try. It was great weather and we had all day so there was no rush at this point, making filming really good fun.

This is the start of filming on the journey, and it was probably the most scairy. I asked Philip to drive close as he went past, but i didnt account for any other moving vehicles. Luckily the guy who's drive i was in front of, was soon made aware of my presence!

Most importantly was the beach scene where charlie went missing, and it was about 2:30pm when we started filming down there.

This is when i got some good mid close-ups of Philip and Becky walking along, and also some esablishing shots of where we were.

I realised that there was a continuity issue as the sequence of shots didnt run from the country to the town, it jumped. So we had to go back on the road to film a long shot of the car driving towards the beach. the walkie-talkies came in handy here as Philip radio'd me on his approach so i could capture it perfectly.

The gap between the two beach huts is the space in which charlie runs down and disappears. Filming this shot sequence, i wanted to include an over -the-shoulder shot, and a mid-close up of charlie, to show showing her fashial expression and movements.

So thats the end of filming day!

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