Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Development of Idea's

As we look further into actually producing our film, we have started to wonder how its all going to come together. Opening up the scene will be the various shots of the family leaving the house and getting into the car...we want it to appear as if the film has started without an intro. We want to attempt some high angle shots of the family vehicle leaving the drive, and have thought about shooting out of the top window of their house or even on the roof of the garage. We want these angles to create a sence of distance between audience and the characters, to challenge the conventions of family drama which often try to create empathy between audience and viewer.

Also we want to mute normal digetic sounds during the car journey and during the taking down the beach, again to create distance and fustration between both, the characters and the audience, but also between the audience and the film narrative. - To inhance film intensity and audiene focus

The mood of the opening scene is intended to broadern with its progression, and the realisation of a disturbance in the equilibriam should only become apparent as the opening scene ends; thus setting up the story for the rest of the film. To help this we are increasing music volume and muting the digetic background sounds to iscolate and highlight the problem, before rapidly cutting to the intro credits projected onto the side of the beach huts where the little girl goes missing.