Sunday, 23 January 2011

Film Opening Brief

Out of the Four briefs, Lauren and I have chosen to follow the convention of...
Film Brief 3An independent movie featuring a young protagonist Your film should appear to be financed through regional funding
(Opening to Fish Tank, This Is England etc)
and also some of...

Film Brief 4
An art house feature to appeal to adult audiences Your film should appear to be based on an actual event in the last 2 years.
(Opening to Elephant, Milk, Che etc) 

Our independent/art house movie opening conveys the Kidnapping for ransom, of a rich families youngest child, during an evening walk down the beach. The idea is to capture the disruption of equilibrium in our opening, by using a variety of shots and effects, uncluding:

-The use of digetic sounds and non-digetic music to contrast tranquility with tragedy
- Prolonged shots of the colour red, paired with dissimilar pastil colours to provoke the presence of danger
- And also the use of bluring to connote disturbance, accompanied by extreme close-ups to inhance the severity of the situation. - Facial expressions will express tone and mood.

Influences that have helped me plan my opening include the 2010 film Inception.   - In this opening the digetic sound of childrens laughter at the beach contradicts the dark opening graphology. Also the fading of heavy music into the peacful crashing of waves, is an effective way of diverging the audience, keeping the sence of the unexpected.

A heavy influence was the film Road to Perdition. The soundtrack has inspired me to include somthing similar in my opening. I have thought about using a choir recording suplimented by piano, played over the top of the opening scene, fading in at the start and getting louder, as a way of creating depth and meaning.

My final film influence came from Schindler's List. The black and white images are heavily contrasting the little girl in the red coat. The red strikes danger, even though she is unaware. In my film opening i intend for it to connote a 'Red Light' - a turning point or a distict change that occures and sets the path for the rest of the film.

-extreme close-ups of foot prints in the wet sand, and then credits edited in over the top
- pan round the beach huts using p.o.v to create panic and confusion
- close-ups and eye line match used in the rear-view mirror on the way to the beach
- bridge shot of the car going down the motorway
- track and zoom along the beach, spotting the beach huts