Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Cast

For filming we are going to use my family as our cast, as they fit the conventions of a typical faimly- mum, dad, and a little boy and girl. They all want to be a part of our film and charlie will be playing the little girl that goes missing.

Charlie is actually 11 or 12 but in the film we want her looking around 9 or 10, which we hope we can create using costume. She said she was quite happy to be filmed down the beach dressed like this which was lucky considering it was going to be busy!

We borrowed a red coat that was aged 8-9 but fortunatly Charlie was petite enough to squeeze into it. Also we tied red bowes in her hair to increase her innocent persona which was quite effective.

Giving charlie a dress and white socks also contributed to her innocent character, and her overall costume was effective.

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