Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Audience feedback

I uploaded my film opening onto my profile of the well known social networking site "facebook". I made a post requesting comments and feedback to which i got some great replies..

Finacial Adviser 50yrs said "brilliant!"

Climbing Instructor 18yrs said "i think that was really good :)"

Student 17yrs, interested in its genre and narrative said "crime watch? what happen's to the girl?"

Uni student 18yrs said  "for a film opening its inviting and i want to know more about what happens to the little girl.... it becomes more of a film and less of a students media product with the external use of actors (elder people, not just students acting older) ...and setting (beach and not in school grounds and such). I felt more involved when i saw the police and became captured into the narrative of the film, like it was real life and it was actually happening. (good verisimilitude)"

My media product has also been on Youtube for about a week, and has had 136 views, with no dislikes.

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