Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Production Process

Lights, Camera, Action!
Filming around the school over a couple of lessons ment making sure we were in the same clothes, which was a bit of a challenge :) But besides that, working with the camera was alot of fun.
Lauren and Sophie were the two other girls in my group; with Lauren framing each shot on camera and sophie and i attempting to act it. (Lauren also played the anonemous third person who takes the phone at the end). We tried to include a variety of different camera shots including the Shot Reverse Shot and the 180 Degree Rule. As well as including the rule of thirds and also tracking, panning, and match on action.

When editing, i cut the beat of the music into the action of the film, editing the jump over the stares onto the base of the music behind. The music was chosen on a basis of trying to create suspence. Tracking shots and match on action were key through out, and the framing of each shot helped create confusion. During editing i also overlapped the film and music, and at one point i faded out both the music and film to help suggesr a passing of time.

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