Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pre-production Process

Before filming a storyboard had to be made, so that we were clear about what we were filming. In our story boad we looked at different camera angles, time frames, and a variety of different shots. The only issue we had was keeping to our storyboard when filming. It was hard not to include new shots all the time. On the upside, a storyboard does help jog your memory of what your suppost to be doing!

From our brief, we included:
 'Shot Reverse Shot' - This was used for conversations to show the audience who was involved, who was talking to who, and where the speaker was looking at the time.
'180 Degree Rule' - Used also in conversation to show where they are positioned in the room. The idea of the 180 Degree Rule, is to stop confusion about which way they are facing. So all the filming is captured along an imaginary line. The following picture explains..

'Match On Action' - This cuts out some of the movement in an action shot, and only shows the start and the finish. For example if somone was jumping it would show the jump, and then it would cut to the landing. So it skips the falling. Also this creates continuity and allows the viewer to understand what is happening on the screen, helping to convey movement and action.

So after this, we got started on the filming....

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